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- NEVER wear shoes on the mat. 

- Always wear sandals when in the restrooms (they are provided).

- Keep your fingernails and toenails trimmed to avoid scratching your partner or yourself.

- Always wear clean Gi/NoGi attire to every class, and wash your gear after each training session to avoid a stinky Gi.

- Be clean, Smell clean!!

- Never train when you're sick. 

- Never train if you have a skin infection (staph, ringworm, etc.)

- Always respect the tap.

- Wear undergarments with your gi.

- Women - No crop-tops or sports bras for NoGi class.

- Men - Must wear shorts over your spats/tights for NoGi.

- Don't make excuses for tapping out.

- Don't boast when submitting a teammate on the training floor. 

- Be respectful of your training partners and guests. 

Academy Etiquette: Text
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